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Rogala Productions

Messy. Powerful. Human.
Female-driven stories told by women.
Check back for upcoming projects

Rogala Productions is dedicated to telling female driven stories and providing women the opportunity to succeed both in front of the camera and behind it; both on stage and behind the scenes. 


We achieve this by having female creative teams telling female stories and are committed to hiring at least 80% female crews.


It’s time we see women on stage and screen the way we see them in life: messy and powerful and human. 

THANK YOU so much for the generous donations to our past projects!!

Ginny Rogala    Jeff Rogala    Elise Gainer   Ralph Herdman    Gina Iacovelli
Stacey Raymond   Karin De la Penha    Katey Russo   Kevin Russo   Hunter Emery
Josh Kellman   Haley Doyle   Veronica Ruelas   Jean Peoples  Ashley Griffin
Randa Karambelas   Kathleen Alquist    Sarah Doudna    Andrew Mayo
Lisa Katcher   Danny Katcher   Tara Novie   Darrell Shipley   Michael Wolfe
Abdul Stone Jackson   Kristy Belich   Katie Goodman   Meagan Gillett
Rachel Cora Wood    Ory Baum    Dani Baum    George Deihl   Tess Bricker
Kristen Simons   Lisa Gorlitsky   Phyllis Cox   Laura Hankin   Kayleigh McKenna
Gavin Hammon    Chris Griggs   Chris Maguire   Kelly Cutler   Elvira Ibragimova
Patricia Branciforte   Karen Sklaire   Orlando Segarra   Marzy Hart   Chelsea Smith
Ian Blackman   Peter Chapman   Isis Burgos-Chapman   Kristi Roosmaa   Ricki Aiello
John Boccalatte   Michele Salonia   James Thomas   Stephanie Blair   Latresa Baker
Rebecca Hughs Parker   Jessica Santascoy   Lori Conley   Sean Harris   Megan Lynch
Cindy Bazzano    Joseph Bazzano   David Yoo   Caitlin Norton   Elissa Klie   Paul Lucenti
Casey Snook   Jacqueline Hubbard   Margaret Alquist   Bridgette Strawbridge   Mairin Lee
Kathryn McConnell   Annmarie Goyzueta   Allison Harrell   Penelope Hsu   Starry Krueger
Ally Huang   Jordan Riley   Coral Cohen   Sam Pepper   Laura Ramirez   Brittany Hamilton
Eric Cotti Cutruzzula    Jessica Samuelson   Mark Stetson    Heidi Kraushaar   Gary Kraushaar
And to those who donated anonymously


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